Commercial Real Estate

We are slowly becoming the leader in Commercial Real Estate.  Our sales numbers tell the story …. We are proud of the average day on market - 19 or less.

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Residential Real Estate

We are continuing to rapidly gain grown in the Residential Market.   Besides our Commercial reputation ..... people like you now have other choices ...... Again, our sales numbers tell the story …. We are proud of the average day on market - 37 or less.

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"Short Sales"

J. Vallee Realty has many years and 100% success in the sale of "Short Sales".

The best part of the "Short Sale" is you the customer avoid "Foreclosure" and never pay us a penny .... yes, we negotiate and get paid by the bank.

Our success in "Short Sales" started when I worked for an absolutely incredible Real Estate Company (Pavao Real Estate).  Joe, and I worked well over a decade together until the business closed.  J. Vallee Realty is continuing to carry on the torch of success.

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Your Main Message

Thank You for taking the time to visit our page online.  Your time, is greatly appreciated and we will make this brief.

What makes J. Vallee Realty different from other Real Estate Companies …. "Others are good but we have proven that we can do better !!!!"

In, Closing ….. our sales and "Days on Market" tell the true story of our success …. please, think before signing with other agencies and give us a chance to prove our worth.

Thank You,


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